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Importance of Reading for Effective Essay Writing

Students always look up to ways for effective essay writing. Their search is entirely to find methods which could draft them the most comprehensive essays. What are those things, those methods that could ideally end up with good informative essays. Well, apart from knowledge and thinking, “reading” is one actually required for informative writing. Reading is like a tool, an ingredient to informative and comprehensive writing. We are discussing here the relationship between reading and writing, exploring the natural relationship between the two to find out a solution for essay writing students. The objective in here is to understand the importance of reading, naturally for a student and for his or her need in essay writing.


Reading and Knowledge

The experience in fundamental human psychology tells that human brain is powerful tool of capturing information. What we observe or experience is actually all caught up in our head, our brain that works like a processor to store and entertain information. So what we read all is in our head, no matter how much time before or recently we have read it. When this is naturally of how our brains work, that they receive and store information, then why not give them the information they could best use and apply. The information that is indeed necessary for activating insight. Yes, this is the information we are talking about is from the books. The information that comes right from reading a newspaper, a story, or a headlining journal. Keeping this information could activate our resourceful insight, that not just cultivates knowledge but also reason to write and intimate. So From the human mind and brain perspective, reading is truly important, for raising knowledge and for increasing the intellect.

Reading and Comprehension

When a scholar suggests reading, he might also suggest reading to a comprehensive level. What does that mean? It means that a student should touch at all streams of knowledge and not just particularly one. It is the human mind that how it is exercised makes it a habit. Ideally, a student should make it a habit that he or she goes through all grounds of knowledge. Should explore all types of books, stories, headlines and journals, bringing him or her the combination of ultimate knowledge. When this knowledge is in hand, the biggest resource of writing is in hand. So reading is to bring comprehension in a student’s mind. When comprehension is there, the idea of comprehensive writing is quite naturally there.

Reading and Composition

There are found several writers writing on one particular theme or subject. The reason is that they are highly composed in one particular subject. Composition comes from reading, as when a reader explores different abstracts, comes to know about different writing styles and approaches. The method of expression is truly there with intensive reader. The more one reads is the more one knows about writing composition. It is as simple as this.


Reading for Writing

From the above discussion made, it could be drawn as a conclusion that reading and writing have a direct and significant relationship. Becoming a writer, one has to become a reader first. This is the basic mantra of writing. As reading gives knowledge, comprehension and composition, are all the basic tools required for effective writing. For the students, one solution that comes in hand now is “reading”. Making reading a habit is quite important and sort of compulsory for becoming a writer.